White Papers

White Papers

October 2013
Realizing Hospitalist Excellence
Realizing hospitalist excellence means higher performance, lower costs, and an improved patient experience. These benefits are the result of providers, executives and partners in caregiving operating as a team in the hospitalist excellence model. With ongoing communication, measurement and recalibration the program can continue to evolve to meet the needs of the health system’s providers and patients.

March 2013
Achieving Active Physician Engagement
True physician engagement facilitates cooperation between hospital organizations and physicians, maximizing efficiency to drive maximum output. A combination of the right elements can create an experience that will engage physicians, thus optimizing the impact of a physician enterprise.

October 2011 
The Collection Ratio Dilemma: Accurate Performance Management and Revenue Recognition 
Collection ratio is a sub-optimal metric considering the size, scope and materiality of ambulatory services for health systems in today’s world. New ways to evaluate and benchmark financial performance and recognize revenue should be incorporated into any valid financial performance assessment.

January 2011 
Hospital-Physician Alignment: Managing Change in the Shifting Health Care Environment 
This white paper will explore what change management entails, particularly in the context of hospital-physician alignment. It will highlight some of the differences between health systems and physician practices that create tension, and it will outline best practices for managing the shift toward a more collaborative relationship between the two parties.

August 2010 
Hospital-Physician Alignment: The Foundation of an Accountable Care Organization  
Establishing an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is currently the perceived end game in health care. However, this organization cannot exist without a proper foundation that defines the hospital-physician relationship based on solid financial and operational information. Building this foundation for an ACO is a step-by-step journey and it begins with a hospital-physician alignment strategy that will enable health care organizations to quickly adapt to this new delivery model.

November 2009
Hospital-Physician Alignment: A True Definition 
Hospital-physician alignment is about the business of medicine in the future as goodwill is fading in value. Market share penetration, cost control, quality and building a health care system of many points of entry are the key considerations in a hospital-physician strategy. By investing in a sound business foundation of services and realizing the true definition of what alignment means today, the health care system can start to meet and exceed its market driven health care objectives.

August 2009
The Marriage of Money and Mission
Revenue cycle consultants for the physician practices aligned with hospital systems usually have one goal – to help their clients realize improved financial results and enduring profitability. However, to some hospital systems, this objective at times appears to be completely at odds with their missions. “The Marriage of Money and Mission” explores the complexities of expanding the mission mindset of many non-profit hospital systems to include profitability as a priority.

March 2009
A New Blueprint for Hospital-Physician Alignment 
In this paper, we will investigate the different incentives that exist today for both hospitals and physicians and provide a new model for hospital-physician organizations to not only co-exist but to meet the market expectations of a quality, integrated delivery system. While there are risks in any new strategy, there are even greater risks for hospitals and physician groups that ignore the current healthcare market movements and relationship formation.