Frank Marshall

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How do Organizations Define Population Health Management?

"Population health management is going to be defined differently in the different geographies, from urban healthcare to rural healthcare. But you have to have the infrastructure to be able to get to the individual patient and be able to treat and interact and have a relationship with that individual patient, and then be able to roll up those data analytics so you can look to make sure that you are doing the things you set out to do: increasing the wellness or the healthcare in those communities, no matter how you segment them."

Who Convenes the Population Health Management Discussion?

"The largest entity financing healthcare is corporations. Being able to partner with a Walmart or something like that could be a change agent, could be an aggregator. But a lot of times it comes down to the financial risk and responsibility, because the mission is on the provider’s side. Physicians are the most disparate group within the whole ecosystem. Individual physicians are all coming together more in alignment, but still a health system is probably only going to employ, what, 20% of the physicians in a geography, maybe more? You’ve got another 80% that you have to interact with, and they’re disparate."