Earl Steinberg

Executive Vice President of
Innovation and Dissemination
Geisinger Health System, and CEO, xG Health Solutions
Health Leaders Magazine Cover

How do Organizations Define Population Health Management?

"The key issue is how population health management contrasts with typical healthcare. Typical healthcare from a provider perspective is delivered one patient at a time. You are focused on that particular patient. You had really no reason or method by which you could look at what was going on in terms of either the health or the care of a population. The game has changed."

Where Will You Find the Competencies that Population Health Management Requires?

"If you can get culture right, I think a lot of other things will flow from it. If there isn’t the right leadership and that leadership hasn’t bought in, then it ain’t going to happen. Or you may have buy-in from the administrative leadership but not the medical leadership, and vice versa."

Where Do Shared Risk and Incentives Fit in?

"That’s not to say that the incentives aren’t important, that the incentives have to be aligned, but without the other things, the incentives won’t drive behavior."