Chris Stanley

Vice President of
Care Management
Catholic Health Initiatives
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Who Convenes the Population Health Management Discussion?

"I feel really strongly about my organization’s faith-based type of approach to being in the community. We’re the ones that were there five years ago and 20 years ago and a hundred years ago, when our facilities first started. Health plans will come and go. Accountable care organizations may come and go. The Affordable Care Act will come and go. But faith-based organizations are in the community, and it’s really that provider side that should be the change agent."

How do You Address Primary Care Shortages in Population Health Management?

"As clinician leaders, we can either be a part of that change or we can try to hold that back, but the tsunami is coming. A lot of what keeps me up at night in my organization is, how do we bring along physicians in general but specialists in particular to see the future, and for them to be a part of and design a system with the right incentives and disincentives so that a patient-centered, patient-appropriate community and population-focused care is being delivered."

Where Do Shared Risk and Incentives Fit in?

"It’s just tactics if you’ve got the culture right."